About Us

The University Network for the Study of Fraternity (RUEF) is an international initiative for academic dialogue that aims to rescue and promote the study and research of fraternity as an object of analysis at the university level, both in the social sciences and in the humanities as in other fields of knowledge. To this end, it has organized various international seminars whose themes and production can be covered in the “Academic Activities” and “Library” sections of this website.
On the occasion of the international seminar held at the Sophia University Institute (Loppiano – Florence – Italy) from March 11 to 13, 2013, a document entitled “Studies on fraternity was published. Indications on the work carried out in the last decade ”. In it, the interested reader will find precise information about the publications and topics developed by the members of the RUEF.

The participation, organization, membership and government of the RUEF are made explicit in its founding documents. In addition to their eventual consultation, we also report on the universities where there are advanced and postgraduate academics and / or students who are carrying out fraternity studies. This list is permanently updated.