RUEF Working Paper Series

The RUEF Working Paper series seeks to publish unpublished manuscripts on fraternity studies, either as essays or empirical articles. The scope of these studies is wide, so it considers their ideas or related phenomena, as long as they are implicitly or explicitly related to the topic of fraternity. The series is open to contributions from various academic disciplines, epistemologies and methodologies. The RUEF Working Paper series aims to publish essays and articles of between 10,000 and 12,000 words by members of the University Network for the Study of Fraternity in a rapid and agile manner. The papers included in the series will meet a high standard of academic quality, for which all manuscripts will undergo a two-stage review process. The first is the Desktop Review, in which the editor evaluates the format and thematic relevance of the papers. Manuscripts that pass this first filter go on to a second stage of arbitration through the double-blind system. The result may be acceptance, rejection, or review and resubmission. Authors are free to publish their work in journals or books at a later date, as long as their origin is cited. The documents will be published in open access mode in their original language, whether it is Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or English.

BARRENECHE, Osvaldo – July 2020